3rd at 8k Gtd at PartyPoker

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      Hehee :D

      After my last week first place at 1k Gtd $2 Regular:

      I managed to get third place at 8k Gtd $2 Speed-Rebuy:

      I'm especially happy now because my bankroll is 4 times bigger than it was last week :D - so huge upswing for me.

      Little talk about the tourney:

      I went there because it cost only $2 and there were 835 participants, so I thaught there was huge value (lol, actually prizepool went up to 9k or smth). I also like those rebuy events because people are so fishy and if you don't get sucked out you'll win big $$$.

      At the beginning of the tourney I made rebuy ($1.6) to 6k chips. Then I got first hand 77 and hit the set on flop, of course I pushed and opponent showed quad tens (lol). Thankfully he didn't have 6k chips and there were more all-in'ers so my chip stack was at 3,5k. Then I was card dead for 20 mins and I had only 6BBs left and I pushed and doubled up. Then I was card dead for another 20 mins and pushed again and doubled. After that I happened to place in tables where 4 players were pushing any two and then re-buying to 6k chips (I saw one guy re-buy for 20 times in a row). I got some chips from then and had twice the avarage chips. Then it was break where I added on 4,5k chips ($1.6). Then I was pretty much card dead, I stole sometimes and busted some short stacks and found my self ITM. After that I got some big hands and was chip leader when 26 guys were left (nevertheless I had 12BBs). From that on I didn't get much cards but go some and found my self now from final table. I didn't get any good hands there and table was really tight because next place would give around $70-$80 more than previous. Happily all opponents busted out them selves and with my last chips I pushed 22 and found KK and got busted outh third.

      :D I'm really happy for my results and I'm planning to participate more in those small buy-in tourneys because, as it seems, it is fairly easy to get a good place there.
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