Hey guys, i've been playing poker for a short while now, but i feel that now i am ready to start taking it more seriously.
I've decided that first things first, i need to work out a schedule. For the next 5 or so weeks i can dedicate approximately 4 hours a day to poker (obviously ill be taking occasional days off and all that).
This is my plan:
Part 1 (approx. 1 hour) - Read articles, make notes, re-read article and test my knowledge if there is a relevant quiz available
Part 2 ( approx. 45mins - 90mins) - Watch videos such as the NL beginner videos with veriz
Part 3 (90mins) - Play a session whilst noting down hands that gave me trouble. At the end of the session i will post the hands on to the evaluation forum and check back later.

I'm hoping that by following this, i will be able to improve my game quickly in the coming weeks. I welcome anybody that has any suggestions or tips for me.

I'll update soon

Bye bye.