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      I have decided to deposit $800 from my MB account to unibet, but my skrill accout is in dollars...So I wanted to ask... Does someone know some cheap way how to change dollars into euros? (I have not find any way how to do this through skrill so I guess you can deposit on unibet and it will transfer to euros after paying some fee?)

      Or can you deposit dollars? I have heard there are dollar tables too. In that case what will happen with FD bonus? And how about traffic on these tables?

      Thank you for any advices...
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    • SPeedFANat1c
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      I havent seen dollar tables at unibet.
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      Hi toothless32,

      Regarding the dollar/euro exchange I'll see if I can find someone to help, I don't have Skrill.
      I don't know of any dollar tables I'm sorry.

      I don't play as far as nl20/nl50 so can't really advise about traffic, suffice to say that Unibet is a classic weekend fishpond, at the micros at least. By Wednesday they have mostly gone broke and the regs are playing pass the parcel with the blinds. But all is good and the recreationals turn up again by Friday.

      At 6max there are enough games going most of the day, but it's very quiet early in the a.m. On the other hand, 9 max games are rare even at nl4.

      There is the Blaze poker but that seems to be populated by 1/2 stacks and generally had between 25 and 50 multi-seated players.

      Oddly they have nl2 blaze which must be fun. :)

      I hope I have helped at least a little,