Hi there!

    • SuicideKing
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      Hi there,

      I've been playing poker for about year on and off, mostly play money, but recently have lost over $200 playing stupidly. From now on this will change, I seek to become a winning poker player and I have great faith that PokerStrategy will be a massive guide for me. I look forward to learning much about my game, how it can be improved and also look forward to becoming a member of the community.

      Guess it's back to reading some more articles. :D

      Good day!
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    • slikec
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      Welcome SuicideKing to big PS familly;)

      I met this site 3 months ago and got lots of nice information which changed my view on poker and also instead of losing money i started earning. Is not much yet but we all have to start on small limits so beside learning i advise patience and good luck at tables,