I am sure they are bots

    • wiesiu1976
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      As I am writing this, I am playing $250 freroll tournament.
      On my first table after first 5 minuts was me another guy and automats.
      Why i say so:
      Til new players appear game looked like that:
      Whatever happened I raised BB x2 and everybody folded, till they lost all money on blinds, from 3000 coins to All Inns on blinds
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    • pvdheuvel
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      I lolled
    • JohnDoe1313
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      I think they are just sit out. It's nothing special in freerolls.
    • sridneel
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      lol...bots in a 250$ freeroll? ?(

      they were probly players who have registered but did not play the tourney...
    • wiesiu1976
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      They actually played normally first few minutes.
    • Pkrpains
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      lol...bots in a 250$ freeroll?

    • VorpalF2F
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      Originally posted by wiesiu1976
      They actually played normally first few minutes.
      If they played normally for the first few minutes, then they almost certainly WERE bots.

      People in freerolls rarely play normally at the beginning.

      The first hand is the "Drama Queen" Round.
      Usually you get at least one who shoves his stack.
      I've seen 6 people shove the first hand, but I'm sure they are all all-in from time to time.

      Seriously though, a lot of people register for a freeroll, then either don't bother playing -- and don't bother de-registering -- or just lose a few small pots and go do something else.

      It seems to me with Party freerolls, that just around the 2nd break, the field drops by nearly half in the space of about 15 minutes.

      Nice if you're still in...
    • Arron63
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      The freerolls registration is more than 2 days before the freeroll starts, so you are obviously going to have people who have already registered but not play.

      At the $50 freerolls where the registration only start an hour or so before the tournament, you will see far less people sitting out.