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...or just another blog (mixed sngs 1.5$)

    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887
      hello everybody and welcome to my blog,

      i started a blog at blogger, but now recognized, i can´t stand the layout settings there. Normally i find out certain things after a while but blogger is just weird in my opinion. I read and wrote some posts here on in the german community and know the forum and page quite well, so i decided to move my blog here

      To my person, i´m 27 years old and from germany. I play online-poker for roughly 3 years now.You might wonder why i don´t write this blog in the german community. I´d like to write my blog in english, because general poker terminology is in english and i like english in general. I don´t care about less viewing traffic actually, cause my blog is for learning and fun purposes and simply by posting on blogger i improved by now and it makes a lot of fun as well

      For quite a while i tried to climb up limits trough multitabling sngs, but a shot to the 12$ limit with a mindsetbreakdown followed by a long time not beeing able to play a lot, actually showed me, my mindset is not made for earning my money out of poker, at least not soon enough. So i decided to cut down poker to a hobby, play FL, which i really like and start this blog for learning/working and having a good view about my progress.
      If interested, the longer story is in the blog, posted above ;)

      this is my old sharkscope graph:

      i started the "project" on pokerstars with ~13$ bankroll and FPP worth 10$
      i know it´s no sample size i´m bragging with here, but clean mindset and learning are more important for me right now

      Bankroll 40.51$

      the most is SH .02/.04, in the start some are FR .02/04 and .05/.1
      in the end i shot SH .05/.1, which i can play regularly now
      the limit climb up is a motivation for keep learning because there will be some players on this limit, which aren´t completely braindead
      about bankroll management, i shot this limit with about 470BB FPP incl., now i got >500BB and i will go down again, as soon as i have 450BB left. This is a fact. 50BB and of course can be normal to swing down, so i need this little room and don´t go down as soon as i fall under 500BB suggested bankrollmanagement. I play with a tight bankrollmanagement, but i need this. Even if i need some more sample size, to beat a limit but i´m aware of this.

      next days i will post some hands, in the bloglink above are some as well.
      I would appreciate every post, opinion, advice, question, criticism or praise if it´s poker related or not.
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    • pbijvoet
      Joined: 30.10.2009 Posts: 2,237
      Wilkommen :D .
      Subscribed, i'm a SHFL too. I'll follow this blog!
    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887

      nice to read, i got a subscriber ;)

      i was at a festival this weekend, so not much time to play. I just played ~350 hands this month so far:

      Bankroll: 41.63$
    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887
      hey there,

      i didn´t play much hands in the last days, but dropped a good part of the roll. I didn´t keep the bankroll management of 500BB. I will play .02/.04 again. I already thought about playing some other games again, like 25c sngs, but i really don´t want to give up like this. Actually thinking about playing other games is not productive at all. Ok, maybe you find out, that you play a wring discipline, but normally it´s just a reaction in case of bad variance and you promise yourself better results if you change the game, but it´s not the reality.

      Uploaded with

      Bankroll is at 27.60$ now. I also played like 20 25c sngs with some smaller cashes. I won´t put up the exact amounts here.

      I certainly crossed the threshold, which shouldn´t be crossed. In other words i was on serious monkey tilt. I worked about this with the help of jared tendlers stuff, which is really useful.

      have a good time
    • juanchapi
      Joined: 27.12.2011 Posts: 270
      Gl with your blog what about No limit holdem dont you like it?
    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887
      Thanks a lot

      yeah i like NL but right now i don´t have the roll to play any
      I played some 18 man NLHE SNGs in the past and did by far the most content there, but i never played much cashgames. FR is kind of nitty on NL10 and SH i played maybe 5k hands totally.
      Maybe if i´m rolled enough i will consider playing NL cashgames, but actually i prefer SNGs. Certainly NL games will be an option in the future, but right now the bankrollbuilding process through FL is the thing, which i want to focus on.
      BTW i really like FL and has really good content for it
    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887

      back to sit n goes
      for BRM purposes minimicros FL is surely really good, but with the last hands i played i have to admit the fun was completely gone about this game. I know sngs are even worse with variance, but it´s not such a showdown game, its underlying different mechanics und my decesions are completely different

      so i caught a good run with the 25c 45man regular speed

      Bankroll 35.19$
      with fpp i´ve got like 180 buy ins, which is a lot, but on the other hand it´s obviously upswing and i´m still adding up my table volume and i don´t know where it´s going i had 20 open once, but it doesn´t feels like the peek. Also i don´t know if i stick to playing sets or start playing contiually opening sngs, which would be better to get something like an hourly rate there.
      also thinking about making a challenge for motivation purposes. I´ll see the next days

      there are 1$ 45 man regspeed offered, so this is probably the next step
      i estimate to need like 100 buy ins, so some way to go
      but there are also25c 90man regspeed and 50c 45man turbo, which would be quite attractive to me. I have to see if the mechanic is so much different to 45man regspeed, because i assume i´m getting the hang of it so far...

      some sweet music ;D

    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887

      Bankroll: 39.26$

      I think it would be good to write down some goals here finally:

      >>review the heads ups i played and try to find mistakes i made and read more frequently in "heads up no limit holdem" by collin moshman
      (1:13 my heads up record so far with 45man regspeed)

      >>using the time in front of the computer more effectively

      >>when mutitabling, focusing and thinking through every decision
      (mental checklist)

      >>more sessionreviews in general, posting hands in the judge forums and using sng wizard and

      >>more reading in this thread in combination of cooking more often, i actually really like cooking

      >>grind the way to a limit above 25c, with proper bankrollmanagement

      Actually i would really llike to find a right concept in terms of self management here in the blog, i read a bit in "treat your poker like a business" by dusty schmidt and a lot in "the mental game of poker" by jared tendler&barry carter and i will read and use some things out of there to have a better approach to the blog at all
    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887
      hi blog,

      about accomplishing my goals:

      -- I used some information from the nutrition thread i linked and i have to say i´m felling quite good about this. My overall motivation increased and i´m more satisfied with my body feeling overall. It´s really sad how much trash we eat actually.

      -- I focused more on every decision throughout the mental checklist while masstabling, it worked quite well as soon as i try to recognize how focused i am, and stick to a certain thought process and not autopiloting tooo much, but still this can be improved...

      -- I reviewed some heads ups i played and i found some mistakes, especially with really short effective stacks i was too tight, but i could have also review my overall game some more...

      -- I´m still procrastinating too much(social networks, browser, movies...) in front of the computer and don´t use my time effective enough. I have to figure out how to handle this problem better. Anxiety also has to be mentioned, i´m actually not afraid of losing, but of tilting. Jared Tendler tells a lot about this, some days ago i watched 2 videos of him and everytime i watch something of him it gives me something, so i will watch his content more frequently and try to be focused, while i watch

      I continued grinding the 25c 45man regspeed and managed to keep up the good run:

      I could comfortably masstable the 25c now, until i got the roll for 1$ 45 man regspeed, but it needs quite much time to even start a session because 1 sng lasts like 2 hours, so either i start a big set or continue opening, which both means the session needs at least 3 hours
      actually this is not what i want, also because masstabling doesn´t improve my pokerskills that much. I kind of play a style, which i assume is +ev against the average player, i got some colored notes where i manage to place them, but with some tables open of course it´s nearly impossible to keep up the overview
      I mean this sng are really fishy and even if i got no real sample size i assume it´s quite easy to build the bankroll out of these, sure i will come back there if i have to move down again

      I tried just 3x 50c 45man turbo, but actually i think i don´t get the hang of the structure yet, i guess i am bit to tight in the middle stage, but it also felt like there is much more variance then in the 25c regspeed, just don´t want to play them now, maybe later

      In the past i played some 8game sngs and also sngs of the single disciplines. Of course there are some disadvantages of playing these, like worse hourly rate and also i´m more inclined to tilt there, at least my experience tells me this, another thing is the traffic, which is really low.
      But i think the fun and the improvement of my all around pokerskill puts a lot of pounds on my scale for the least i want to try and see how it works out. I also will not play PLO sngs before i have some more buy ins, because PLO is imo by far the most variancefull game in the 8 games

      Mostly i use the page to review hands, since i can analyse all games there except 2-7 triple draw, and there i use this one, i could do all the calculations on the 2nd one actually, but propokertools i like quite much.
      I actually record my sessions with camtasia and watch the videos for review, at least i did this in the past. I also recorded my voice once. I have to admit it´s much more difficult to play like this, because i have to justify myself all the time, but i guess thats because there is a much bigger learning progress in this method ;)
      I would highly appreciate any kind of feedback, best is community tool-->skype but of course i would like to see any posts in here, feel free ;D
      probably i manage to post some hands soon or later
      I´ll try to play some more, to get a bit of a sample size and also to have i bit more to update once in a while

      Because hm2 doesn´t track 8 game sngs i will simply write down the sngs i played and take a screenshot of my cashier from now on

      Tonight i played:

      <<3x NLHE .45$+.05$ 45man turbo --> no cash

      <<3x 8game 1.32$+.18$ 6max turbo --> 1x1st(5.15$) 1x2nd(2.77$)

      <<1x FLO/8 1.32$+.18$ 9man turbo --> 1st(5.95$)

      <<1x FLStud/8 1.29$+.21$ 8man regular--> 2nd(3.09$)

      Buyins: 9$
      Prices: 16.96$
      ROI: 46.9%

    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887
      <<3x 8game 6max regular 1.29$+0.21$ --> 2x2nd(5.40$)

      <<1x 8game 6max turbo 1.32$+0.18$--> no cash

      <<1x FL Stud/8 8man regular 1.29$+0.21$ --> no cash

      <<1x FL 2-7TD 6max regular 1.29$+0.21$ --> 1st(5.04$)

      <<1x HORSE 8man turbo 1.32$+0.18$ --> 1st(5.29$)

      Buy ins: 10.50$
      Prices: 15.73$
      ROI: 49.8%

    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887
      decided to play PLO now as didn´t start that good, became bubble boy 3 times in the 8game turbos, which frustrated me kind of, but my plays weren´t always correct as well...

      watched the german NL beginners coaching yesterday, because it was a special coaching featuring the FL Highstakes player Kobeyard. It´s always inspiring listening to him and especially i wanted tosee this because he actually quit poker, at least he produces by far less content anymore.
      And it surely gave me some room to think about certain things. He talked a lot about stepping out of the line, if it is necessary, at least i understood it like this and it made me thinking just a little bit different in some certain spots. I hope they recorded it, because in the start of the coaching they tried to record, but then there was heavy back coupling and i´m not sure if they continued recording, i would really like to listen to it again.

      <<3x 8game 6max turbo 1.32$+0.18$--> no cash

      <<1x mixed holdem regular 1.29$+0.21$--> 1st(5.81$)

      << 1x 8game 6max regular 1.29$+0.21$--> 2nd(2.70$)

      << 1x PLO 6max turbo 1.32$+0.18$--> 2nd(2.77$)

      Buy ins: 9$
      Prices: 11.28$
      ROI: 25.3%

    • notabigdeal
      Joined: 26.03.2010 Posts: 887

      won´t post here so much anymore. It´s not like i don´t want to, but it seems to be nearly impossible to post completely normal in this forum without getting offended for no reason...