Titan hand import

    • BF69
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      I wanted to share a hand with my friends so I tried to find it in the database but it has not been imported.

      All other hands at the same table have been imported.

      Room : Titan

      Here is the hand:
      (I also tried to import it in pokertracker and it failed too)

      <game gamecode="1017281189">
      <startdate>2008-06-08 11:29:54</startdate>
      <player seat="1" name="theSW3D3" chips="$51.25" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" /><player seat="3" name="BF69PAL" chips="$49.55" dealer="1" win="$108.10" bet="$49.55" /><player seat="6" name="anterilop" chips="$11" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$11" /><player seat="8" name="medion47" chips="$56.99" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$49.55" />
      <round no="0">
      <action no="1" player="anterilop" type="1" sum="$0.25"/><action no="2" player="medion47" type="2" sum="$0.50"/>
      <round no="1">
      <cards type="Pocket" player="theSW3D3">X X</cards><action no="3" player="theSW3D3" type="0" sum="$0"/><cards type="Pocket" player="BF69PAL">SK DK</cards><action no="4" player="BF69PAL" type="23" sum="$2"/><action no="7" player="BF69PAL" type="23" sum="$49.55"/><cards type="Pocket" player="anterilop">D7 CQ</cards><action no="5" player="anterilop" type="23" sum="$11"/><cards type="Pocket" player="medion47">S10 DQ</cards><action no="6" player="medion47" type="3" sum="$10.50"/><action no="8" player="medion47" type="3" sum="$38.55"/>
      <round no="2">
      <cards type="Flop" player="">C10 CK H4</cards>
      <round no="3">
      <cards type="Turn" player="">D8</cards>
      <round no="4">
      <cards type="River" player="">SJ</cards>

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    • galam
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      Thanks for your report. We detected the problem and we hope that it will work in the next version. If thats not the case please inform us with a short message...

      Greets Sebastian