[NL2-NL10] KJ - Initiative against passive plr., wet flop

    • AYuraoA
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      Hey Gerv,

      I´m standing here against super passive player so I decided to take initiative against him preflop.
      A veeeery bad flop came. But since I had TP I decided to bet flop a little higher than usual (4/5 pot) and when he called ad flush completed I was thinking like - Ok so If he called with green, it is finished, however straight only came if he has A TJ and I hold one J anyway. So I decided to bet once again, fold to raise and hope to get call from some mediocre hand as he is very passive. He called. I was planning on just check the river hopefully for free due to his passivity. If he bet the river however. I guess that I had to fold. But when I hit the straight I decided to go all in.

      I felt that I played this hand really unsure and I don´t think that I read it well even though I tried to give it some thought. Can you please advise?

      Poker Stars, $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 8 Players

      MP2: $5.94 (118.8 bb)
      MP3: $4.10 (82 bb)
      CO: $2.65 (53 bb)
      BTN: $2.06 (41.2 bb)
      SB: $5.55 (111 bb)
      Hero (BB): $2.12 (42.4 bb)
      UTG+2: $2 (40 bb)
      MP1: $9.52 (190.4 bb) 34/2/0 after 58hands

      Preflop: Hero is BB with K J
      UTG+2 folds, MP1 calls $0.05, 5 folds, Hero raises to $0.25, MP1 calls $0.20

      Flop: ($0.52) K Q 9 (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.41, MP1 calls $0.41

      Turn: ($1.34) 8 (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.60, MP1 calls $0.60

      River: ($2.54) T (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.86, MP1 calls $0.86

      $4.26 pot ($0.18 rake)
      Final Board: K Q 9 8 T
      Hero showed K J and won $4.08 ($1.96 net)
      MP1 showed K Q and lost (-$2.12 net)
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    • JohnDoe1313
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      since you have slighty more than potsize on turn, I'd go all in. It sucks that flushdraw came on turn but I think he will call you with any Kx, one card flushdraw, straightdraw or sometimes even Qx.
    • Gerv
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      If you want to get called consistently by worse then I think this is a fine play with your small betsizes. I think we are too greedy if we shove the Turn as we are overestimating our calling station for making liberal calls

      Best regards,