$16,000 Rakemania Cash Races

Win a piece of $16,000 in Titan Poker's Rakemania cash races, running each Monday through Saturday between August 6th and September 1st.

$3,000 is up for grabs each week on the big NL Hold'em cash tables (high blinds) and another $1,000 is available on our small NL Hold'em cash tables (low blinds).

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How does it work?

Titan Poker is running 4 weekly cash races starting on August 6th. The more you play, the more you can win!

Each week's race is separated into 2 leaderboards, one for high blinds and one for low blind levels.

Players will be ranked according to "Stars" representing their rake generation:
• Low Blinds: $0.10/$0.20 up to $0.50/$1 ($2 rake = 1 Star)
• High Blinds: $1/$2 and up ($10 rake = 1 Star)

Accumulate as many Stars as you can to rise to the top of the leaderboards and claim the big cash prizes.

To participate you need to opt-in first. In order to do so please click the button below and enter your details on the following page.

Note: This promotion is valid only for NL Hold'em cash table play.

When do the Rakemania cash races start?

The first Rakemania cash race (both the low and high leaderboards) starts on August 6th at 01:00 GMT+1.

• Week 1: August 6 - 11
• Week 2: August 13 - 18
• Week 3: August 20 - 25
• Week 4: August 27 - September 1

The 2 weekly leaderboards can be found here.

Terms & Conditions

1. This promotion is valid only for NL Hold'em cash table play.
2. All race periods start at 01:00 and end at 00:59 GMT+1.
3. Rakemania leaderboards rank players based on the rake they have generated on cash tables, at all blind stakes levels from $0.10/$0.20 and up.
4. Players will be ranked by the amount of Stars collected at the tables:
Low Blinds- $0.10/$0.20 up to $0.50/$1 ($2 rake = 1 Star)
High Blinds- $1/$2 and up ($10 rake = 1 Star)
5. Players must OPT IN for this promotion in order to be eligible for prizes won in the races.
6. Prizes will be issued up to 24 hours following the end of each race.
7. Leaderboards will be updated automatically every 30 minutes.
8. In the case of a tie between players’ leaderboard points in paid places, all players with the same number of Stars will be issued an average amount of their prize (as per their positions). For example, if two players are positioned in 1st place, each of them will receive the average of the 1st and the 2nd place prizes combined.
9. Titan Poker reserves the right to end/modify this promotion at any time.
10. All decisions made by Titan Poker management are final.

Payout Structure:

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