How long did it take you to move up from Nl 2

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    • Pkrpains
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      A good sign that you should focus more on studying and improving at the basics of poker instead of playing without them.
    • bssjonny94
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      Agreed. Tomorrow i'm not even going to play a hand. I'm just going to read articles, watch videos, and read hand evaluations.
      Oh boy, i'm excited! :D
    • Pkrpains
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      Now that's a way to react. :f_cool:
    • Krishjanis
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      When someone raises fold in microstakes, that's what pleno1 says in his 6max thread.
      I'm using that strategy and my graph is slowly moving upwards, also don't bluff and don't let your ego get in the way when someone 3bets you.
      I did beat NL2 once in 30k hands, but then took a break and cashed out and now I'm back and started playing with 20$ bankroll and I ran 25$ under EV :D
      Had to grind fixed limit to not go broke, but now I'm halfway done with NL2.
      So my advice is to just keep playing and don't feel sad when you are not doing good, and you will take the worst bad beats on NL2 so it's important to keep your cool and not tilt.
      Also play SH not FR where everyone is 24 tabling.