note caddy, anyone use this?

    • Vip3rNZ
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      Does anyone here use the full version of note caddy?

      If someone does could you please share some thoughts you have about it, or anyone who has thoughts about it feel free to share please!

      I'm wondering if it'd be worth getting?
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    • Phgrinder
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      same here. would like to know more about note caddy also
    • Krishjanis
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      Also question towards Note Caddy full users.
      Can you like set it up that, for example on Pokerstars it marks players with the Pokerstars color marking system, so that you could see the colors in lobby, like setting that everyone who is over 40vpip is auto marked as a fish in green color.
    • DeMarcohsp
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      Note Caddy is very useful when you have few k hands on your opponents. If you play micros/ssnl on pokerstars I doubt it :) .
    • Vip3rNZ
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      Have you used it personally DeMarcohsp? I think there are a few things on it that seem very useful at micros.

      Also i know the first purchase cost is actually quite a bit, for most it would be their whole 2NL bankroll! So this is a factor also. If you don't know that your dedicated enough to make it past 10NL then they money investment is not really worth it.

      But if you know you are going to make it far past 10NL or are already at around 10-16NL it may be +EV so get this and start learning how to use it very well before moving up in stakes even further?

      Even for a micro player, i have alot of players with over 1k hands on them, some with over 2k hands. It's mostly the same regs that join waiting lists to find fish everyday.

      I'm still not sure weather it's worth any of my bankroll to get this yet, as i'm still at 10NL myself, with a bankroll of around $300, i'd be a 4 BI swing away from moving down limits if i bought it now, so i will wait untill atleast 16NL.
    • MatejM47
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      Dont buy it until your playing nl50/100. Its pretty much useless if you just use the pre-set notes and badges that come with NC.

      But the good news is its possible to create your own note/collor definitions and badges.

      The bad news however is that they are really difficult to make, so much so that probably 99% of players don't even know how to get started. Which means you have to buy them and they end up costing more then NC itself.
    • Vip3rNZ
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      alright thanks Matej, i'm gona do a bunch more reasearch on it before i think about buying also, while climing the limits :)
    • vironimo
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      i use it and i think its very useful at any stake. it makes every note possible at everything it sees. plus u can easily watch the hand the note took place by a replayer. very recommended