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    • profimaximus
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      Last 10 days I went to Greece on my summer vacation. From there I played lot HU SnG hyper turbo $7 and $15. Interesting things happened.
      Every time I played $7 i had good internet connection, fast, normal. As soon as SnG starts I'm at table. But when I played $15 I usualy could not connect in first 3 or 4 hands. It cost me much because starting stack is 500, and blinds are 10/20. So most of my $15 SnG's I started as short stack.
      Also, interesting is that this kind of SnG runs on some kind of rollercoaster.
      I won SnG's on row of 7 to 10. Many of them with weaker hands, or thanks to runner runner flush, or straights. But also I lost 7-10 on row when I was much better.
      Anyone had same expiriance?
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