Hi guys *big hug

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      Hi lxuzyl !
      And welcome to PokerStrategy.com !

      Supporting 3rd Party software?

      Probably the most important would be a HUD
      The two most common are Holdem Manager and PokerTracker.
      Both have free trials.

      Beside the HUD both of the above keep a database of all the hands you've played for session evaluation etc.

      If you play Sit-and-go tournaments, then Sit N' Go Wizard might be worthwhile too.

      PokerStrategy.com also offers several analysis tools that are extremely useful.
      Check them all out here:

      Thanks for the Hug!

      Since this is the "Introduce Yourself" forum, why not tell us a bit about yourself, what games you currently play, what your goal are and so on.

      Great to have you on board!
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      Peace dude.