rebuy tournament with 7 players

    • farbwenz
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      I got in a strange situation today: A rebuy-tournament with late registration for 1 hour, but only 7 players registered, and the first 3 were payed. If everyone rebuys, the rake effectively decreases to half the amount. On the other hand, if noone else rebuys, your increased stack does not give any advantage (don't you actually lose chips, because the "won" chips are worth less than the buy-in?)
      What happens if you get unlucky and lose 2 or 3 buy-ins? even the first place might be less worth than your total entry fee. Would you rebuy or cut losses and stop playing?

      Also, how would you react if you get kicked out at the bubble, do you rebuy? Somehow the "always rebuy" rule makes no sense, the tactical disadvantage (being the shortest at the bubble with only ~10bb) might become larger than the no-rake advantage...
      For me it was luckily no problem, because i recockgnized that i was the largest fish at the table, so rebuying was no option^^
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    • Asaban
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      Imo you should always rebuy as long as you think that you have an edge. It is obviously possible that a rebuy will cause a situation where your investment outreaches the possible winnings. Nevertheless the rebuy itself stays +EV. If you don't rebuy you loose your invested money, give up on your EV and won't have a possibilty to realize your edge advantage. If you take the rebuy you will be able to win back some of your investments. Your avg ROI will be at -40% instead of -100% for example. Therefore it makes sense to take the rebuy imo.