Tracking system

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    • VorpalF2F
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      I have no idea.

      Which tracking system are you using?
      Does it take rake into consideration?
      Do you have a filter set so that it is showing a subset of hands?
      Did you play some games that the tracking system didn't record (a tournament maybe)?

      Can you give us a bit more to work with?

      What poker room?

      Let us know...
    • Stevie8
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      Titan Poker and Holdem Manager 2.
      The difference is actually small but i was just wondering...
      Firstly I thought it was because the tracking system did not take rake into consideration. I don't know for sure. Anyway, is just a minor problem...
    • Krishjanis
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      Some hands might have not properly saved, for example your AA got cracked and you just snap closed the Titan software then the hand might not have saved so HM2 didn't import it, but your cashier knows the real truth. Disconnects might also affect it, but not sure.
      Unless it's a huge difference I wouldn't worry about it.