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      Hi all.

      (First, sorry for my English)

      About me: I'm a coach on the hispanic comunity. I play NL600+ in Pokerstars, Party and Ipoker. I'm now living in London.

      Just in one month my contract is ending in my first home in London. Now I will find something else, but this time shared to improve my English faster, meet people, and pay less.

      I'm looking for a flatshare in the area of Angel / Old Street / Shoreditch / Hoxton. It is the center-east London. I really like this zone. There are a lot of pubs/restaurants and very good surroundings.

      With the possible arrival of three Spanish grinders, I thought to rent an office around this area to play together would be a good idea.


      - Having a separation between home-work, which is much healthier.
      - When playing together, the motivation is multiplied and also learns very quickly.
      - The costs would be similar, as paying office (not very expensive), you don't have to find a house with a large living-room to put computers. These flats in London are scarce and expensive.
      - In your case, we could help you to improve your Spanish :)


      - Play at least NL200. It would not make sense to share office people playing high-stakes with people playing NL50-100. It works if you are a sit&go high stakes player or an mtt player of course! Or omaha-mixed games, no problem whit this.
      - Be respectful and clean. I mean: don't put loud music, don't disturb the others while they are grinding, don't kick off the table when you lose a flip, do not leave the office like shit...

      For the interested people, this is my skype: Dani.215

      I will be at the forum anyway if you want to discuss here.

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