Which poker site has the most fish?

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    • Skodljivec
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      There is no answer. Every site has fish at the micros, while games get progressively tougher. I'd just say the ipoker might have the least fish
    • Tominho89
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      It's obvious - Pokerstars. They have the largest player base by a mile. So the highest amount of fish. Average skill level - different question.
    • sridneel
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      Originally posted by Skodljivec
      I'd just say the ipoker might have the least fish
      y do u feel so..?
    • VorpalF2F
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      Originally posted by sridneel
      Originally posted by Skodljivec
      I'd just say the ipoker might have the least fish
      y do u feel so..?
      Quantity isn't really the issue here.
      The site with the most fish is no good to you if they aren't at your table.

      Table selection is necessary anywhere you play.

      It is hard to pick the tables on iPoker and Party, because you cannot see your colour marks in the main lobby.

      I just open a few and pay real close attention to two on my right, and three on my left.
      On my right I want people who limp a lot, and steal a little.
      Fold to 3Bet a lot would be a bonus.

      On my left I want people who 3Bet rarely, and fold to steal often.
      If all you have at the table are unknowns, play a while to see how they are.
      If your table is populated with all-too-well-knowns (the ones that own your ass), just leave before your blind comes up.

      I also noticed today that I make money early in a session, but after a while, it gets harder -- people play back more.

      So next session, I'm going to change tables every 50 hands or so to see what happens.
    • UltimateBlue
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      Try Bwin or Betfair (ongame). Their rake distribution method rewards fish.
    • Phoenix2104
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      I've come to believe that their cards distribution method rewards fish also...
    • Lazza61
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      I played 2 $0.60c turbo MTTs on Tower yesterday. Extremely soft. Cashed both times for $4.73 total including a final table (130-150 players).

      Appears to be a lot of casino/sportsbook crossovers. A lot of shoving and overshoving with marginal hands. Playing proper poker my good hands were getting paid of big time.

      Just play simple TAG style ; always raise preflop with good hands and you always seem to be getting called or reraised by worse hands.

      The disadvantage is it runs on the Cake network which I don't particularly trust 100%.
    • robkush
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      i think pokerstars is the platform where there are highest fishes because it the largest platform and same pro player are also grinding 24 hrs eating these fishes.
    • Gonchan
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      imo 888 had the best fish rate(not ammount)
      I hope 888 affiliate program to return..