• rosakatt89
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      ok so what is happening on poker stars 0,01-0,02$ every body is limping, i even see them limping aa kk qq, and when i get a hand and bet then they show me thins like K3s wich they limped in EP, what is this.
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    • Krishjanis
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      Don't ever question the tactics on NL2, it's a madhouse, some people there just click colored buttons they have no idea what is happening.
      Pretty much you play tight and raise with your big hands, keep betting them until they raise. Never bluff, let them bluff and reraise them with your nuts. Someone 3bets you? Let it go unless you have QQ+ Just play super straight forward poker and think ahead about the hand. Don't let some fish tilt you who draws out on you, you will value him to death the next hand.
      I can recommend a book by Blackrain79 and he also has a few videos. I have beated NL2 twice with just by following his strategy. I can link you to any of his stuff as it's against policy but you should have no problem finding it.
    • diversfx
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      Welcome to the mirco's. Most players at this level have no idea, you will soon spot the regs that do. Stick to basic ABC poker and you should do well.
    • rosakatt89
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      thx alot guys, and i will google blackrain79 so thx for the tip Krishjanis =)
    • RYCK9966
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      People like to limp in to avoid scaring the fish. When you go fishing you don't want to spook your fishing hole do you? Don't throw rocks.

      They're hoping one will bite with something crappy so they can get a 1$ payout. Instead of 3 cents.

      Over conservative tight players...

      Second situation: They have no idea what they're doing and they don't know the value of their hand.

      From my experience, the super lower stakes are impossible to win at. You simply play it like a freeroll. Don't bluff often, unless they're not calling anything. Which happens for a bit until they catch on. Then you usually get rolled JJ vs QQ or KK vs AA. That happens to me usually. They just wait and wait and wait, the blinds are too small to hurt them, yet too small for me to think in terms of profit. Though I have turned 16 cents into a dollar before. Lol.

      Stay away. Anything you learn here will be negative to any other type of poker. If you play on these stakes you might as well rename the game(Don't get confused).