Holdem Manager 2 problems

    • Muttley66
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      Hi Community,

      Wanted to know how many people out there were as unhappy with hm2 as i am.

      Is anyone else suffering from constant issues with bugs and software crashes ?

      Does anybody else feel that hm2 support is out of it's depth trying to deal with all the bugs ?

      Are you constantly being given the same series of answers to your problems despite the fact that these answers are not successfully solving the problem ?

      Is anyone out there totally happy with Hm2 and if so why. What's good about it and do you suffer any software problems ?

      Also, anyone using poker tracker 3 ? Is this any good ?

      Be interested to hear as many replies as possible so i can use it as proof to hm2 that the problems i'm experiencing are systemic( or otherwise) and help me prove to them and others whether the software is fit for purpose or not.

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    • VorpalF2F
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      I'll move this to the poker software forum.

      As always, it is best to deal directly with the manufacturers support system.

      There are a lot of bugs, but at least in my case, while annoying, the software is still usable.

    • netsrak
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      Muttley66, it seems like you are posting the same thing in different forums.
      Please let us know what problems you have and we will try to help you out.

      You can also contact hm2support@holdemmanager.com with your problems and i'm pretty sure they will help you as soons as possible.

      I'll also forward your post to our management.