missing quite a bit of money durring my deposit and withdrawal! can anyone help me out?

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      Hi, i'm from Taiwan and i just recently uploaded some funds after verifying etc... onto skrill.
      I will be doing all the conversions to USD so everything is clear.
      I went to my bank deposited 4000TWD(133.77USD). My bank took 59TWD(2USD) and that was it. Once the money it my moneybookers account it was only showing 2557.19TWD(85.24USD). 133.77-85.24=48.53usd missing which is roughly in gorilla math about 33% that has gone missing. Anyone have this situation before?

      my 2nd scenario, I made a trade for 10000TWD(333.33USD) and had it transferred to my account. The full amount made it to my account. I played a lil poker etc... decided to withdraw the 10000TWD(333.33USD)to my bank. skrill charged me a 66.55(~2USD) processing fee. After the money hit my bank there was only 8700TWD(290USD).
      333.33-290=43.33USD that went missing again. which is roughly about 13% of my withdrawal? can anyone enlighten me on this situation? skrill is one of the only ways to deposit onto stars from Taiwan, so this is a definite need help emergency... otherwise i might need to relocate once again... sigh

      Thank you for your time and help!
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