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      Hi there!

      This is a thread where I'll post my progress, rants and shit, yo!

      I'm 20 year-old student from Slovenia, been playing poker for something like 3 years, but more seriously in last 1,5 year.

      I was always interested in playing cashgames (also because I could quit them instantly - I had a hard time playing poker lots of times because my parents didn't approve it).

      Ever since my pacific deal got cancelled (20. of last month), I started zooming, and I'm really enjoying it. Of course I also like playing normal tables, but zoom has benefit of being just pure poker - I really dislike the modern state of normal tables with regulars scripting to get position on fish, tables breaking down and sitting out when fish leaves.

      This month's graph: I was only able to play two days, as I was on music festival from 3. to 7. of August.

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