is it profitable to setmine vs 3bet from utg?

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    • lorenzoa
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      My first guess would be that it is


      The tighter his range is, the more implied odds you get when you git


      for 100bb stacks:

      if you OR 3x and he raised to 9x you only invest 9% of your stack while you will hit a set about 12% of the time


      you are out of position and this makes it harder to inflate the potsize

      there will be times that you hit your set but still lose the hand
    • BObamaJr
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      It depends on their post-flop aggression and the size of the 3-bet relative to your stacks.

      You will flop a set with a pocket pair 1 out of every 8 times. Therefore, to be profitable theoretically and satisfy the implied odds you could call if the 3-bet was less than 12.5% of your stacking stack.

      However, as the opponent won't commit all of his chips when you hit a set everytime and you won't win in each situation with three of a kind you need to be playing with a narrower range. I recommend calling if the 3-bet is less than ~6% - guaranteeing you only need to stack him off 1 out every 20 times to be profitable. (+sometimes you are going to win with a PP without hitting a set)
    • DrDunne
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      yeah many people talk about how bad playing OOP is and generally i think this is taken to mean that it's hard to win pots. but actually it extends also to getting value, as lorenzoa has suggested. try being OOP with a monster.. your options are bet (but then you may only just get called), or check/raise. with check/raising you give the opportunity to check behind (so you fail to build a pot) and, if they do bet when you check, your check/raise is so strong they probably won't pay you off with a relatively weak hand. so for that reason i think it's difficult to say and it all depends on the villain.
    • mkjmkjmkj
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      i dont think that there are many people that are 3betting more than 6% against an UTG open
      i think its hard win the pot witout hitting a set if he cbets more than half pot i rarely think you have odds to call