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Wow two bad beats, back to back

    • RunbytheRiver
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 7
      So I played about 45 hands or so, having to rebuy back to $2 a few times on a NL10 table.
      I was in the middle position, got dealt AA. Yay :)
      Bet 0.40, late position raises, I go all in, he calls. He has J2o, and the flop comes J7J... then the turn and river were no help...
      Well I can handle a loss to a donk like that, but it got worse...
      Next hand, I got dealt AA again!
      This time, a guy with 87s who had limped UTG raised all in, so I called. Flop comes 87K, next two cards no help...

      Then, the next round I got dealt KK (no lies), but managed to steal the blinds...
      Good thing I have good BRM and didn't tilt haha!
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