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    • dubejoviceM
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      Hello,i really often changed my mind and i played MTTs for one month after i played SNGs for 2 months etc but now i definitelly decided to play cash game.I wanna grow up and be so good for high stakes.
      I start with 50$ and when i will have 250$ i wanna to move to NL10 etc...
      Actually i play for 2 days.
      I show you little graf about my profit/lose....
      I work on myself really much,so i hope my profit will grow up.
      I play 6max on PokerStars about 6 hours a day.
      I will write everyone :)

      If i speak truth i should have about 8$ profit unfortunately i am in lose :/

      :diamond: Bankroll = 50$
      :diamond: Played hands 5800
      :diamond: Limit : NL2
      :spade: Targets

      :club: To the end of august move to NL10
      :club: Read articles on PokerStrategy and other websites
      :club: Analyze my game in HM
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