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Eating the fish in real life.

    • SharkOfSpade
      Joined: 28.04.2012 Posts: 18
      Hi! The thing is, that I have moved to new plays to work, so I live in camping. Every friday some people get together, and play "Sit n GO". The structure is massed up (atleast I think so). So it is 15 min blinds with unlimited re-buys. And the blinds go up as fallows: 5/10 10/20 15/30 20/40 , and so on and so forth. Every player gets dealt 1000 chips. The second place get they'r money back, but the first place gets all the money (buyed-in one and re-buy money). If you get to be the first, that is really nice, because ussualy it is the ammount we make in the whole week. Alldoagh I have allready won 1 SIt n Go here (got little lucky by gettin tripple up and cracking AA), I still would like to hear some suggestions.

      Here the players are just incredably awfull. They limp like all the time, and play with 72o. Here we have 1 player, who is pretty good. Can't figure him out. Cant figure out his betting pattern, because he acts the same way, when he bluffs and when he holds the nuts, for example, he could shove instant all-in after the flop , when the pot holds 200 chips (and he have 2000), and he could do the same thing, when he holds like 8 high. He is loose/agressive, because, he plays allmost all hands, but he ussualy knows, when to quit and fold (When opponent shows real resistance). I guess what I want to sayis that he has good postflop skills and he is really agressive. He gives no physical tells.

      Ok, so he is mediocer player. The others are just awfull.

      I am Tight/agressive. I play the good hands, and bet strong. Because of this long time, the blinds incrases, I can afford to wait the good hands.

      But I have a problem when I play in this crowd. I wait my good hands, but whyle I do that, the biggest fish busts, and, ussualy, gives them chips to that other mediocer player. I allways survive the bubble, and all those times we meet heads up. BUt by that time, he have 6times more chips than me, and I am in push or fold stage. And I keep getting unlucky, because he can afford to call my all-ins with medium hand, and he keeps getting lucky and bust me (like I hold AKs and he holds J10s of the same suit. He calls my all-in preflop and flops a 10.)

      I dont like to rely on luck by going all-in preflop, but I am allways in that situation in this crowd.

      I wanted to know, how should I play aggainst this crowd.

      PS. The interesting thing is that they loudly say, that I am tight and only play good hands, but still keeps calling my preflop raises (really strong 10x raises) with 98s.

      How should I play these bad players?
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    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Just carry on playing the way you are.

      The other guy just sounds like a luckbox to me :D

      The best way to play is to wait for good hands if everyone is limping in then you can start to limp with them from late position with suited connectors and low pairs because you will be getting some pretty good odds i imagine, but only continue post flop if you hit big or hit a big draw. These kinds of players are playing purely for fun and won't see that a flush or a straight is possible and will call your bets right to the river with bottom pair or a gutshot even. So never try to bluff because it will never work if they have hit any part of the flop and if you are getting 6+ players seeing the flop you can pretty much guarantee that at least one person won't be folding.

      When you get near the money the fish probably won't want to bust so start being a bit more aggressive, they will probably still call preflop raises but will be more likely to fold post flop giving you a great chance to build a stack for heads up play. However if you find they are not folding then you will have to nit it up again. The other guy you said is good, if he really is good, he will have noticed how tight you play, meaning you should be able to steal some pots from him too.

      Really though these types of games are like bingo we play them for fun but it can be great to run hot and win them, even just for pride.

      Let us know how you get on in the next game