Bet with monsterdraws?

    • ZeroDegrees
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      Hi all!
      I started studying fixed limit Hold'em. In the basics course it's recommended to bet and raise with monsterdraws. Now, I wonder, is that really so good? I'm thinking; I still only have about 1 in 3 to complete my hand. And I get better pot odds just checking and calling. Is the plan here to buy the pot with a semi-bluff. I understand this also depends on other things such as number of opponents, position, image etc. Any ideas out there?

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    • Yoghi
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      I don't know which article you're talking about, but I think monsterdraws are 12+ outs.

      But also with 8 or 9 outs, when you get your draw 1 in 3 times it's generally good to bet. There is quite a decent chance that your opponents will fold. When 2 or more players call every bet that goes in on the flop is in your advantage. Fold equity plays a big role in here.

      I think this is a shit answer, but I'm not really sure what you're asking ;)