My last hand as a pokerplayer

    • PoulH
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      Santa is a LAG, i put him on any to in this spot

      ***** Hand History for Game 11995139752 *****
      NL Texas Hold'em $11 USD Buy-in Trny: 71826457 Level: 6 Blinds(300/600) - Thursday, August 09, 10:14:01 CEST 2012
      Table Speed #1330070 (Real Money)
      Seat 7 is the button
      Total number of players : 4/10
      Seat 7: B1980HL ( 10,680 )
      Seat 10: Hero ( 2,465 )
      Seat 3: Matman8701 ( 2,760 )
      Seat 8: santaana888 ( 4,095 )
      Trny: 71826457 Level: 6
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to Hero [ Js 9c ]
      Matman8701 folds
      B1980HL folds
      santaana888 raises [900]
      Hero is all-In [1,865]
      santaana888 calls [1,265]
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ 4c, Kc, 7d ]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ 3s ]
      ** Dealing River ** [ 8h ]
      santaana888 shows [ 3h, 2h ]a pair of Threes.
      Hero shows [ Js, 9c ]high card King.
      santaana888 wins 4,930 chips from the main pot with a pair of Threes.
      Hero finished in 4 place.

      So I guess poker is not my game and i guit.

      Good luck to all
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    • Tomaloc
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             Equity     Win     Tie
      SB     38.04%  37.38%   0.66% { 3h2h }
      BB     61.96%  61.31%   0.66% { Js9c }

      your point...?

      i see how having this happen over and over in a short period of time can get frustrating though
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      You're looking at this all wrong.

      I'd love to be called by 23s everytime, wouldn't you? Or would you rather Villain had Broadways, Pocket Pairs or Ax? If you knew he was Laggy then you must have known he would most probably be calling any two cards if you push so I fail to see how you can be disappointed, yes you lost, but you're only a 60/40 favourite anyway.

      Add a note and rinse his chips next time you meet.
    • x5kristaps
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      Cmoon. This is POKER! U can lose with pocket AA, and win with 23 either :)
      If anyone would quit or stop playing when this happen, then nobody would play ever again!

      Have a nice day and have big winnings ;)
    • Tarhonya
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      Even if you know for a fact that he's betting anytwo, your J9o is only marginally ahead and you can be sure that he'll call your shove because with that low stack you have no fold equity whatsoever:

             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP2    53.17%  51.55%   1.62% { J9o }
      MP3    46.83%  45.21%   1.62% { random }

      Even if you're desperate, you're only going to win 51.55% of the time against anytwo and by shoving there you accept that.
    • neotesani
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      Lol, this has to be a level.
    • jonnyjm
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      Let's be honest for a sec...Putting equity to one side, you had about 3bb, it's not like this hand could of made you chip leader or anything, so why get so mad bro?

      Maybe you should try playing cash games instead? I mean MTT's have super sick variance and you should be expecting to lose your Buy-In most of the time. If you can't handle and accept the brutality of MTT's and even S&G's don't play them. Losing 50/50's, 60/40's & even 70/30's happen everyday for a tournament player. I'm not saying this isn't the case in cash games but in cash games everything is an isolated event and making +EV moves = Profit, you'll likely see profit quicker in cash games as well unless you happen to get a big score in an MTT early on. Plus losing one hand doesn't make you feel like you've wasted several hours seeing as another hand will be dealt instantly.
    • Rahica
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      I will have to agree with Tarhonya here. Even if you're playing against a rag LAG player and you think you have a read on him, first of all you have no fold equity so you can't expect him to fold there. After that, even with a Q2 he is a slight favorite there. You can't have more than 68% equity in any case ( more or less it's pretty close to a "gamble" here ). In the end, turns out that your read was good and you had him dominated 62%. ( and btw, it wouldn't be enough to lose against a 38% for me to quit poker because I'm sure that you had some bad beats in your poker history ). It's not like you lost to an one outer here so don't think that you'll quit poker just because you lost this one ( on the other hand, if this steamy situations occur pretty often than it means you're personality and temper are not made for poker and quitting will be the best "play" here ).

      All in all, my advice: have a break of a couple of days without any poker activity and see you at the tables after, when you're more relaxed !
    • zobupasts
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      Why is this hand so special that it would make you quit poker? I hope those 11 bucks were not your entire bankroll! You should already know that Sit&Go variance is insane and you must have a decent bankroll to ride out swings.

      Seeing those stacksizes just makes me lol. 4BB! I guess I will never understand how people can enjoy grinding Sit&Goes. Play some low limit cash games for a while where you actually get to play flops, turns and rivers? Maybe you will get more pleasure out of poker.

      GL with whatever you decide to do!
    • kiromanAAKK
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      Poker go tough and more though this days and we should celebrate when we can spot and cross players that play that way

      In fact, that should give us joy and hope that we still have fishes come aboard even if we lose 7-8 time in a row as big favorite pre-flop

      So, think about that and be happy mate, trust me ;)
    • Tarhonya
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      A couple of weeks ago I got busted before the bubble with KK against KK putting it in preflop but him hitting a flush.

             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP2    50.00%   2.17%  47.83% { KK }
      MP3    50.00%   2.17%  47.83% { KK }

      That's right, 2.17% chance of that happening.
      I was mad for a bit than realised it's pointless to be mad. I mean I could have got it in against AA as well, and the result would have been the same so it doesn't really matter how I got busted out as long as I played well.

      My point is that similar spots do happen in poker every now and than, and you either try to live with it or you're going to struggle a lot and maybe even give up poker, but if you can deal with it, you're going to be okay poker-wise.
    • mute20
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      Being a winner means that you must have a winning attitude. If you do not have this poker might not be for you.
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Originally posted by mute20
      Being a winner means that you must have a winning attitude. If you do not have this poker might not be for you.
      True, but also true is that a winning attitude is something that can be learnt. sure some people naturally have a great mindset and don't tilt easily others have to learn this the hard way. Hopefully OP won't give up all hope just yet and will stick around and learn from the rough patch he's going through
    • crashyy
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      Originally posted by PoulH
      Santa is a LAG, i put him on any to in this spot
      Least your read was right :)

      On a serious note. How long have you been playing? Im asking because isnt this standard?