The power of suited cards!

    • DirtyDunton
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      I will play just about any suited card in cash games as of late, especially if I can limp into a pot cheap.

      As a newer player, I have recently discovered the power then can hold.

      For example, tonight I got a 5-7 clubs and called the blind and entered the pot. I missed my flush, but I landed to pair with a 5-7-9 flop and realized that this unassuming 2 pair would be unexpected. Yes there was a danger of a straight draw, but I had a powerful hand and nobody knew it.

      3 of us were in. A fella raised the pot, I re-raised, the next guy folded, then the original raiser went all in....I called of course.

      I won a nice summed pot and pulled this same trick 2 hands later with similar success.

      I don't understand yet how to calculate pot odds, EV and all that stuff, but I do know that when this hand lands you can fool players into believing your bluffing rather easily.

      I understand why great players like these oddballs so much, it is because they are extremely powerful when hit the mark.
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