Climbing out of the water into the land, story of a fish

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      Hello :)
      My name is Kirill, I am 20 and I am a russian spewtard. I currently live in israel untill I decide where I want to travel.
      I've started playing poker about an year ago, and been donking around for around 8 months, in the last 3 months I took it a bit more serious and got my roll from 100$ to around 1k$ in a mix of 9man sngs and sh cg.
      I have a few expectations from poker (obviously if I apply my self), I'd like to be able to support my self in some cheap country making around enough to withdraw 500$-600$ every month comfortably even when on a dswing.
      Well since iam in greece for another month having fun is my main goal besides grinding :) !
      Right now I am in a big decision situation, overall I'd like to eventually play MTT's, but right now I want to learn a type of game I can beat.
      My 2 options are Sngs (maybe MTSNGs) and SH cash games.
      So after making around 400$ from sngs and being able to beat the 7$s I begin playing cash games again.
      Reasons to play CGs? developing postflop skillz needed for MTTs more than extremely advanced ICM, thats pretty much it :) .
      So besides studying and my usual nl 20 games, I decided I'll do a challenge :) !
      with a roll of 67$ beat zoom :) !
      WARNING POOR BRM, I am playing nl5 sh right now with shots at nl10, I decided I would go very agro BRM untill I have a decent roll at nl10, 3BI shots at nl 25 with 20BI's.

      6k hands from the challenge

      :club: Goals :club:

      Short Term (By the end of this month).
      :club: [X] read verneers book, understand it and digest it :)
      :club: [X] read at all nl bss articles up to silver before i lose it =(
      :club: [X] watch 3 videos trying to improve preflop game
      :club: [X] attend at least one coaching (iam trying to be realistic and ease into)
      :club: [V] decide if I am ready for a private coach
      :club: [V] play a total of 40k hands at zoom (34k left)
      :club: [X] play at least another 30k at nl20 sh and drop to nl10 if i drop more than 10BIs.
      :club: [X] 800e rake (right now at 300e) to get gold status :)
      :club: [V] be in profit!
      :club: [V] Have FUN!
      Failed big lol.

      Long term (by the end of the year).
      :club: [ ] Kill justin bieber!
      :club: [ ] stay alive (WAR IS COMING)
      :club: [ ] Leave Israel
      :club: [ ] reach nl 50 with win rate of 5bb/100 over a sample of 150k hands (small but gives me an over look)
      :club: [ ] Make 1 person to read this blog regularly.


      Current BR:67$
      Current Limit: NL5 sh zoom

      SH Regular tables

      Current roll:944$
      Current limit:nl20
      Stakes: 400$ (and hes crushing )
      Sweating partners, are very welcome (Warning iam a fish).
      and a final thought for some who would know this reference "I don't think you need more than that"
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    • xoshix33
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      So its time for a small update :) .
      Kept fishing around (having too much fun in crete to grind properly).
      Since i screwed up managing info correctly (dew to lots of shots+ some spending) i cant really put where the money went to =P so ill just update current BR here and next time will be more organized :) .
      First Zoom.


      Was pretty much break even , but sample is small so..
      Currecnt BR: 172$
      Current limit: NL10.

      Sh reg tables.
      I've been playing a combination of nl 20 and 50 (more successful at 50)
      Current BR:1047$ (+47$ rakeback to come+400$ stake).
      Limit:nl20 nl50.

      pretty shitty update :( .
      but i had quite good results (i also payed around 120$ for a coaching from stars so i should be another 120$ up :)
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      GL u fish :f_p:
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      Ooh, another blog, we love blogs!
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      Microgaming - €0.50 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      SB: €62.11
      Hero (BB): €66.59
      UTG: €47.32
      MP: €62.48
      CO: €17.05
      BTN: €44.75

      SB posts SB €0.25, Hero posts BB €0.50

      Pre Flop: (pot: €0.75) Hero has 9:diamond: 6:diamond:

      UTG calls €0.50, MP calls €0.50, CO calls €0.50, BTN calls €0.50, SB calls €0.25, Hero checks

      Flop: (€3.00, 6 players) 6:club: 9:heart: 6:heart:
      SB checks, Hero bets €3.00, UTG calls €3.00, MP calls €3.00, fold, BTN calls €3.00, fold

      Turn: (€15.00, 4 players) 5:spade:
      Hero bets €15.00, fold, MP calls €15.00, BTN calls €15.00

      River: (€60.00, 3 players) Q:heart:
      Hero bets €48.09 and is all-in, MP calls €43.98 and is all-in, BTN calls €26.25 and is all-in

      Hero shows 9:diamond: 6:diamond: (Full House, Sixes full of Nines) (Pre 50%, Flop 100%, Turn 100%)
      MP shows 7:heart: 8:club: (Straight, Nine High) (Pre 28%, Flop 0%, Turn 0%)
      BTN shows 8:heart: 4:heart: (Flush, Queen High) (Pre 22%, Flop 0%, Turn 0%)
      Hero wins €135.75
      Hero wins €35.46

      they let me see free flops they hating ^^
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      Hi, there! :s_cool:

      This - Make 1 person to read this blog regularly. - made me laugh! hehe

      Anyway I'm having trouble to understand what is going on here :s_biggrin:

      1) Bankroll.
      Why do you divide it in two bankrolls? :s_confused:
      So your total bankroll for now is $1047 ???

      2) Stakes.
      You play only NL5 for zoom right?
      And NL20 - 50 for regular tables? Are they also SH or FR (9 players)?

      How do you do? Everything going as planned?
    • xoshix33
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      I devide into 2 because its on 2 seperate sites :)
      well i moved to nl10 zoom and then nl25 and kept swinging my roll from 100$-300$ lol.
      right now ill move down to nl10 due to huge swing =(.
      well i play nl50 sh on the other site regularly right now, its fun :) .
      going good, just have to stop donking around tourneys, lost quite a lot that way.

      Zoom nl 5/10/25 mostly 25 tho

      regular tables nl50

      the long break even stretch is nl20
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      heh double posting ftw