Strategy in an Ante only tournament?

    • magicadil
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      Ante's start at 25, 20 minute blinds, starting stack 5000. Would it be wise to play super tight in this tournament? The other players are very aggresive, only one other player who's a major risk at the table, and you can guarentee that there will be a raise every hand preflop.

      $110 buyin, and about 70 players.
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    • evertonroar
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      My guess would be that because you are paying 250 chips per round in antes (assumeing ten seater) meaning our M is only 20 at the start. If antes go to 50 after 20 minutes (again an assumption ob my part) then even if you had your starting stack still your M would be only 10 putting you in push fold mode (or close to it). If you play super tight and don't pick up a hand in the first blind level and your stack is lower than 5000 you are below 10 M. So I would say you need to play this tournament quiet a bit looser than a 'normal' structure.
    • Paddii
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      Do the blinds stay at 5/5 every level?

      I would limp every hand and Trap agg players.
    • Asaban
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      Hi there :)

      Since the thread was recently moved to the right forum (and I appologize that this didn't happen earlier) I would like to push the thread up to the top again. Hopefully my answer will still be helpful (especially since the anteup WCOOP event takes place today) and maybe we can get some discussion going on the topic.

      The AnteUp tournaments are exclusive to Pokerstars afaik. Even there they are not very common. Therefore it is hard to give you many advice since there is not much content on it yet.

      I will just add some of my thoughts:
      - you should play very loose
      - steals are extremely important
      - your position is even more important then it is in standard tournaments
      - especially in late game you should steal a lot, steals for 1/3 potsize are very profitable in this stage
      - open folding is not a valid play in the later stages. No matter what hand you got - you always have the odds to limp your hand. The investment for a limp is very marginal (5 Chips)
      - I would open raise between 1/4 potsize (late game) and 2/3 potsize (early)