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Stucked on - NL100-

    • Kurpen
      Joined: 29.06.2008 Posts: 437

      First touch online poker was in 2004 when I was grinding bonuses on black jack and PL/limit 7 card stud. I havent read or studied the game. I was playin home game basis and that was enough to beat the games.

      I find new games texas hold'em and PL omaha. I practiced play money tables for fun tryin to get some sense.
      I decided to try PL omaha with 100 dollars buy in. I lost within no time cause my 3 pocket aces (nutfull) didn't held vs some stupid draws.

      I read first poker book in 2006. With a new tools and aspect I started grind fixed limit and was doing well. First level was 1/2 and in a one month I raised my roll from 150d to 3k.
      Next month I lost whole roll when got first coolers/setups and got monkey tilt.

      Year 2008 finded Poker Strategy. I m from Finland and at the time there were not too many forums in our language. Suddenly poker had new faces and time of no limit hol'em.

      Year 2011 started in good feelings and I was grinding nl50. I won rehab tournament and was overrolled at the time. Reason why I didnt went to next level was playing break even. I struggled with my game and was very frustrated.
      Poker strategy level groups started on spring. Got some more skills and I took first steps new level.

      Year back I had raised my game level so much that I was makin 10bb/100 rate profit. Running good helped and took some nl200 tables. NL 200 rate was 4 bb/100 only bit over 10k sample. Anyway everything was going fine.

      Recent year has been opposite to those feelings. I have runned bad, tilted etc. All this had lead to lack of motivation last months.
      All this could be avoided if I could just understand the fact that winnings should ever took as granted.

      Lack of self control has put me in this situation. There so many things I could do better that it's pointless to mention one reason.

      Meanwhile I have noticed that the level of game on NL100 have raised year back. I have decided to make turnover and have to do my best at all possible areas to beat opponents.

      This month I have played only 2 k hands stats 6-max hold'em 27/22/9/3 VPIP, PFR, 3B, AF.

      Some hands

      Quite unknown tight villain which had to react my high btn steal. Basically I m bluffcathing to get information. 14/7/7/inf he had 30 % 3B vs btn r helped a lot.

      $0.50/$1 No Limit Holdem
      5 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      UTG HEHELMFAO ($132.08) 132bb
      CO NicoleRapesU ($128.58) 129bb
      BTN Kurpen ($113.33) 113bb
      SB Jormister ($102.63) 103bb
      BB 1wantStickWu ($98.50) 99bb

      Pre-Flop: ($1.50, 5 players) Kurpen is BTN K:diamond: 10:diamond:
      2 folds, Kurpen raises to $2.50, 1 fold, 1wantStickWu raises to $7, Kurpen calls $4.50

      Flop: 6:heart: K:heart: J:diamond: ($14.50, 2 players)
      1wantStickWu bets $12, Kurpen calls $12

      Turn: 2:diamond: ($38.50, 2 players)
      1wantStickWu bets $25, Kurpen calls $25

      River: 9:club: ($88.50, 2 players)
      1wantStickWu goes all-in $54.50, Kurpen calls $54.50

      Final Pot: $197.50
      1wantStickWu shows HIGH_CARD ACE
      A:heart: 8:diamond:
      Kurpen shows PAIR KING
      K:diamond: 10:diamond:

      Kurpen wins $194.50 (net +$96)

      1wantStickWu lost $98.50

      Villain 24/19/7/2.4 hands 533. 3 B btn open 13 %. CB 3B pot 100%.
      What to do on a river and why?

      $0.50/$1 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      UTG djentrifried ($112.83) 113bb
      UTG+1 johnlemour ($141.01) 141bb
      CO Agatha_1 ($118.53) 119bb
      BTN Kurpen ($99.50) 100bb
      SB LuckyDY ($99) 99bb
      BB Dis Iz Sick ($101.50) 102bb

      Pre-Flop: ($1.50, 6 players) Kurpen is BTN J:diamond: Q:diamond:
      3 folds, Kurpen raises to $2, 1 fold, Dis Iz Sick raises to $9, Kurpen calls $7

      Flop: K:heart: 10:diamond: K:club: ($18.50, 2 players)
      Dis Iz Sick bets $10, Kurpen calls $10

      Turn: 8:heart: ($38.50, 2 players)
      Dis Iz Sick bets $15, Kurpen calls $15

      River: 10:spade: ($68.50, 2 players)
      Dis Iz Sick checks, Kurpen ?

      Final Pot: $68.50
      Dis Iz Sick shows TWO_PAIR KING, JACK
      J:spade: J:club:

      Dis Iz Sick wins $65.50 (net +$31.50)

      Kurpen lost $34
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    • Kurpen
      Joined: 29.06.2008 Posts: 437

      Hand quiz. Shove is the right action I think. Villain AF is low and cb on turn weak. Is this type of a villain capaple of hero calling with AQ? no. Is he going to call with JJ ? maybe, but I dont think so. We have K/T combos in range and villain is too afraid to be owned. On the other hand JJ might be top of his range to call shove in this spot.

      I have been reading and learning mental game issues. Learning more concepts what is happening in my head while grinding.

      Long sessions have been a problem. When session length goes over 2 hrs game is going passive and for sure easy to read. At that point edge has gone and I m leaking chips all over. I have grinded 2 hrs max and take a break. It's not a solution, but with small steps I m going to increase session lenght and we'll see what's the breaking point.

      How to play vs villain who 3 bets 15% from SB, 20% from BB and 4B range is 5% vs btn/co pre flop raise?.