Clearing starting capital.

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      Hi Altens,

      Welcome to the community! Where in the world are you from?

      If you check this link out it should help answer all of your questions :)

      I have quoted the areas most important for you

      2. How does the $50 starting capital work?
      I only received $30 in my account - why is this?
      Your free $50 starting capital is paid in two chunks. First, you will receive a $30 bonus and if you make a deposit within 120 days of registering your account, you will receive the remaining $20 bonus within 72 hours.

      Can I really keep the initial $30?
      Yes the money is yours but you have to collect at least 1,000 Summit Points within 120 days to clear the $30 bonus. Otherwise the remaining money up to $30 will be taken away.

      When can I withdraw my complete free $50?
      As soon as you have collected 1,000 Summit Points and 120 days have passed, you can withdraw your complete $50 and your winnings.

      I hope this helps and if anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to reply :)

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      Hello Altens,

      why do you want to withdraw your capital? it is a pity to withdraw it, in my opinion. you can win more and more if you will study and play. you dont wanna play poker? are you satisfied with only 30-50 bucks?
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      Thank you for providing that link, but it doesn't quite answer this sort of scenario that follows below.

      For example: you receive the initial $30, you then deposit $10 and then receive the top up of $20. So total bankroll at this point is $60.

      You play consistently for a number of days, but when the 120 days deadline arrives you find that you have not achieved the 1000 Summit points necessary to prevent starting captial being taken away.

      In this scenario let us say you now have total bankroll of $200 (exactly) and you have achieved 800 summit points, which is 80% of the target.

      So what happens next? How much is taken away, is it $30 or $50? Or is it 80% of the $30 or the $50?

      After (any) deductions, can a withdrawal then be made, irrespective of whether the 1000 summit points target was reached, because 120 days has passed?

      Can a withdrawal be made before the 120 days deadline, for example you have been running really well and you now have hundreds (or maybe more!!) in your bankroll?

      Any replies to these queries will be most appreciated!
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      Hey again IDKAPPAC,

      In your scenario above - I believe it will $50 that will be taken away (the bonus amount) nothing above that - all winnings will remain yours.

      You will still have to generate 1000 Summit points in order to cash out though. Also, if you do make the 1000 summit points before the 120 days - you still have to wait until this time passes before making a withdrawal.

      Hope this answers you :)