calling a raise for set value

    • aleqqqs
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      i got a question about how to play postflop when i missed my set and have no overpair. (on full ring)

      for example:

      a big stack raises 4 or 5 BB, which i call with 88

      i'm heads up against him, and i am first to act on a flop like

      K:heart: 4:diamond: 2:heart:


      A :spade: J :heart: 7 :club:

      do i have to play check/fold here always, or can i place a bet?
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    • mintogo
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      To avoid tricky situations I would fold OOP yes.
      IP I would float the first flop.

      A donkbet now and then on flop 1 doesnt hurt also, when ur balancing it with donkbetting a set.
    • tzveti
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      IP, first flop can be played.
      I would fold on the seond.
      I would check/fold the two OOP.
    • chenny8888
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      donkbet screams: "weak made hand. it's so weak it's not even strong enough for me to check/raise with to trap your continuation bet. zomg, please bluff me off this hand."

      OOP.. first one i could play check/call. then check and reevaluate on the turn. usually speaking, he won't fire again without a king. then i'd blockbet/fold on the river.

      second one... check/fold OOP is definitely best.

      in position... actually i'd call the continuation bet of both, and check behind turn and river (second one i'd fold a blank river if he fired again, first one i'd call a riverbet).

      btw i'm assuming BSS here.