Diary of a LAGtard - A lesson in bad BRM

    • metza
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      Well, I haven't had much time to play poker recently due to uni work, so I decided on a project which may allow some climbing limits while also not risking too much money.

      I am setting aside $10 of my bankroll for a risky 5BI BRM (as soon as I get below that I drop down a limit) attempt at climbing out of the micros (this BRM may adjust depending on how much better I feel the players at higher stakes are). I will play a loose aggressive style, focusing on reads, so will move away from Zoom to the cash tables, with careful table selection.

      Before some naysayer comes in, I expect to probably lose the money courtesy of either my own fishy play or variance, but if I don't, it will be fantastic. Plus it will be a fun experience anyway.

      Starting bankroll: $10

      Current bankroll: $23.73 (about $8 profit is thanks to 1 superfish who kept topping up :f_biggrin: )

      Days: 2 (about 5 hours total 1-2 tabling cash tables)
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