Grinding a limit vs Moving up

    • Leito99
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      I was wondering what are opinions on this topic...

      In my case, Im playing SNGs, mostly 6max (all speeds)

      what i noticed is that I am never moving up from the lowstakes... I seem to be scared of the $50 SNGs... So i keep grinding 10s 20s 30s, win money at all these limits but never move up...

      When I would reach a high BR where it would be too much to play midstakes, maybe 200BIs, then I either withdraw a big part of my bankroll or move half of my bankroll on other sites and play across more site (playing across 4 sites now)

      So what are opinions on this? Am i losing a lot of long term EV to just stay and grind in my comfort zone where I can make average wage per hour?

      I noticed this tends to happen to cash game players too where they stay forever on NL50/NL100

      Big mistake or not?
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    • ragney
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      I also have this problem. If I move up to $60 the variance is too big, I don't need 4-digit swings daily. So I am just content grinding and trying new games.

      I started MTTs recently, try some low stakes there fun and if you manage to win its gonna be a bang! I also started alittle PLO, its hard but when I'm bored or ran super cold I do that.

      Are we missing EV? Nobody knows unltill you try. I keep hearing from other ppl even at higher stakes there are fishes but just less. And better regs are there obv.

      Cash game is different story, nl100 is close to unbeatable on stars :D

      edit: I also started some 6/9max STT's lately to test/improve my game for MTT purposes :P
    • MatejM47
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      Well it really comes down to if your happy with your current hourly. There is really nothing wrong with being comfortable with a certain limit and just grind out the $$$.

      Personally i've been playing nl50/100 cash for a while now and just grinding it out. Its probably not max EV but its low variance and I'm really overrolled for those limits which means its a lot less stressful. Im also comfortable that im beating that games at a good WR over a big sample.

      I don't know really why ppl don't move up but i think it has a lot to do with just getting comfortable on a limit and happy enough with their hourly to not want to take on extra stress by moving up where they winrate might drop, their downswings in $ value can get 4-5 times bigger and it might not even give you that much better hourly.

      Also to take into account is that if you grind nl100 you can play 24/7 365 days a year and it wont ever take you more then 5 mins to fire up 24 tables or just zoom it up and get the volume in. If you play high stakes your forced to play at prime times since that the only time enough games are running.