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      Hi, let me introduce myself^^ :
      i'm Karl 22years old from Canada/Qc so i'm french. (i might do some bad spelling sentence or not write that well but i'll try my best to be readable!)

      I'm moderator for the french community since like 1 year maybe and i like it, feel greet to help new users^^.

      I have a blog on the .fr community but not much talk there and i think the en community is bigger so that might help me in my game to discuss some hands and strategy here.


      I have been playing poker since my 18years old, not a lot to talk about i was the kind of guy who deposit a 20$/week to play 11$ tournament^^. So not much of brm there.

      I have start playing seriously since jan 2011, and was doing terrible^^ breakeven slightly up with the rakeback, but... I bink a tourney... Was awesome^^ 11k for dady on the famous 1.1 r+a 3xturbo!!! ahah cashout almost 10k spew (bad play) 700$ in nl25 , cashout the rest and restart!

      here's my graph since my '' restart ''




      (was fullring)

      now i'm start playing 6max stake and coach by a coach from the fr community.


      climbs limits obv

      help others players to climb limits when i'll be on a higher level from now!
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