This Live Casino has pretty steep rake structure right?

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      "The blinds for No Limit Texas Hold Em cash game are $2 and $3, the rake structure is 10% or capped to $10.

      The buy-ins are $100 minimum and $300 max.

      Sorry we don’t do PLO.

      At the moment we are not running any tournaments."

      This was the email I got from Queenstown Casino, to my knowledge 10% is very very high even for live rake? I guess the $10 cap isn't too bad if you're going after full $300 stacks, but my cash game style is playing for small pots with a low WTSD%, so this would not really be ideal for me right? Is 10% too high to even have a decent winrate despite tons of fishy players available (Queenstown is a busy tourist destination)

      I haven't really played much casino poker, but I did enter a $65 buy in tournament and cashed for $378 a month ago, and some ridiculous shit was going down like people going all in (with double stacks!!!) for A5o vs Q3s (Q3 hit trips to win lol) I imagine it would be just the same.

      I started off poker as SSS then moved to BSS so am familiar with both, so the plan would be come to table with $100 and aim to switch to BSS by the end of the night if all goes well, as this is what I'm most familiar with.
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