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    • Stevie8
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      I just exported some hands using Holdem Manager 1 and I've tried to convert them, but I'm pretty sure they're impossible to convert. no tool can. what other alternatives do I have ?
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    • Krishjanis
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      You could paste a few hands here, then it would be easier to spot what's wrong with them.
    • Stevie8
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      Here's one of them :

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <session sessioncode="3928085601">
      <gametype>Holdem NL £0.01/£0.02</gametype>
      <tablename>Revocable, 369284251</tablename>
      <startdate>2012-08-14 22:48:00</startdate>

      <game gamecode="3397951399">
      <startdate>2012-08-14 23:02:40</startdate>
      <player seat="1" name="pompilro" chips="£1" dealer="0" win="£0" bet="£0" rebuy="0" addon="0"/><player seat="2" name="iShakk" chips="£2.27" dealer="0" win="£0" bet="£0" rebuy="0" addon="0"/><player seat="3" name="mariukpary" chips="£2.01" dealer="0" win="£0" bet="£0.08" rebuy="0" addon="0"/><player seat="4" name="NoHateYOU" chips="£3.08" dealer="0" win="£0" bet="£0" rebuy="0" addon="0"/><player seat="5" name="AbbyLee" chips="£2.19" dealer="0" win="£0" bet="£0" rebuy="0" addon="0"/><player seat="6" name="STV13" chips="£2.44" dealer="0" win="£4.65" bet="£2.44" rebuy="0" addon="0"/><player seat="8" name="AAAKK28" chips="£2.04" dealer="1" win="£0" bet="£0" rebuy="0" addon="0"/><player seat="9" name="tiemns" chips="£4.19" dealer="0" win="£0" bet="£2.44" rebuy="0" addon="0"/><player seat="10" name="TOMVEIL" chips="£5.09" dealer="0" win="£0" bet="£0.02" rebuy="0" addon="0"/>
      <round no="0">
      <action no="1" player="tiemns" type="1" sum="£0.01" cards="[cards]"/><action no="2" player="TOMVEIL" type="2" sum="£0.02" cards="[cards]"/>
      <round no="1">
      <cards type="Pocket" player="iShakk">X X</cards><action no="3" player="iShakk" type="0" sum="£0" cards=""/><cards type="Pocket" player="mariukpary">X X</cards><action no="4" player="mariukpary" type="3" sum="£0.02" cards=""/><action no="11" player="mariukpary" type="3" sum="£0.06" cards=""/><cards type="Pocket" player="NoHateYOU">X X</cards><action no="5" player="NoHateYOU" type="0" sum="£0" cards=""/><cards type="Pocket" player="AbbyLee">X X</cards><action no="6" player="AbbyLee" type="0" sum="£0" cards=""/><cards type="Pocket" player="STV13">D7 H7</cards><action no="7" player="STV13" type="23" sum="£0.08" cards=""/><cards type="Pocket" player="AAAKK28">X X</cards><action no="8" player="AAAKK28" type="0" sum="£0" cards=""/><cards type="Pocket" player="tiemns">SQ DQ</cards><action no="9" player="tiemns" type="3" sum="£0.07" cards=""/><cards type="Pocket" player="TOMVEIL">X X</cards><action no="10" player="TOMVEIL" type="0" sum="£0" cards=""/>
      <round no="2">
      <cards type="Flop" player="">S10 SA DA</cards><action no="13" player="mariukpary" type="0" sum="£0" cards=""/><action no="14" player="STV13" type="23" sum="£0.78" cards=""/><action no="12" player="tiemns" type="5" sum="£0.26" cards=""/><action no="15" player="tiemns" type="3" sum="£0.52" cards=""/>
      <round no="3">
      <cards type="Turn" player="">C7</cards><action no="17" player="STV13" type="4" sum="£0" cards=""/><action no="16" player="tiemns" type="4" sum="£0" cards=""/>
      <round no="4">
      <cards type="River" player="">H6</cards><action no="19" player="STV13" type="7" sum="£1.58" cards=""/><action no="18" player="tiemns" type="5" sum="£0.91" cards=""/><action no="20" player="tiemns" type="3" sum="£0.67" cards=""/>

    • TiciBoy
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      If you have them in your HEM1, you can post them directly from there. ;)

      Double click on the hand you want. It will open a hand replayer.
      In the upper left corner there you will see "Hand History". Click on it.
      It will open another window.
      In the upper right corner click on the 2+2 button. This will copy the hand into your clipboard.
      Go to the forum and just paste it there. ;)