PT4 Displaying wrong winnings, rake, etc

    • woodzzi
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      Just testing out the new PT4 software, and the buy-in is displayed incorrectly
      as well as tournament winnings. A $2 tournament with .20 as rake was displayed as $1.60 with .40 as rake. My 1st place in a HU Hyper turbo
      the buy in was $2.75 + .25 as rake, but the buy in was displayed as $2.4 with .60 rake, and my winning was displayed as $4.80, not $5.50. How can I fix this so I don't have to hand edit every single time?
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    • Amnesia85
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      your looking at it wrong ;) the amount you see is your buy in..NOT the rake...The winning are "winning-rake"

      Or i must not understand it right what you try to explain

      what room are you playing?
    • tokyoaces
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      Make sure you are running the latest BETA and re-run the tournament detect on the broken tournament.

      If that doesn't fix it you'll need to contact support so they can get things updated.