hi everyone

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      Hello Jason!

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com!

      What part of Ireland are you from then, I am from the west myself! It's always nice to see a fellow "Paddy" around the forum :)

      What games have you been playing in the past year? If it's Cash games you should definitely check out our No Limit Beginners Course. Not only will you improve your reading skills dramatically it will also help your all-round game ;)

      If you are a Sit N Go player then you should definitely check out our Sit N Go Beginners Learning Path

      Have you taken the quiz yet to unlock your free $50 starting capital?

      Don't hesitate to shout if you have any questions or concerns :)

      Hope you enjoy our site!
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      Don'y tell holy your location....... people have went missing after making that mistake.

      Coincidentally of course, which he always tells the gardai upon their investigation. :f_o: