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    • addo12
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      hi guys im new to this site and forum well im new to any forum, could some1 help me with this query ? i have a 50 dollar bankrole because of poker stragety i was wondering what levels i should be playing tournement wise with abit of cash and sit an goes occasionally ? i have played poker for years an wud consider myself a winning player but i have massive swings were i loose the lot, i just cant play within my limits.
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    • FlashDavin
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      Hi there! For cash, you should be playing NL2 ($2 tables) or 1/25th of your bankroll.

      For tournaments, you should be playing $1 sit and goes or 1/50th of your bankroll.

      With more people in tournaments, you should use even more strict bankroll management like 1/100th of your.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • IngridN
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      Hello addo12,

      Welcome to our community!

      As FlashDavin said you will be able to play within the bankroll management and you will only be able to play specific buy-in games.

      I can see that you're waiting for the starting capital at Poker770 and here is the promotion page where you'll find all information regarding your starting capital that you need know about.

      As a beginner you can only play stakes up to:

      • No Limit $0.02/$0.04

      • Fixed Limit $0.10/$0.20

      • Sit and Go $1

      Hope this helps. Stay around and learn with the others!

      @FlashDavin, thank you for helping out and congratulations for your win yesterday! :) :heart:
    • handsomeover
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      A winning player doesn't play above his limits....remember this or you would not win.