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fishes on High stakes

      Joined: 23.08.2011 Posts: 213
      Hey guys.
      I decided to tell everybody about my progres and road to high stakes cash game 6max and HU on Stars.
      I play poker for one year and i am quite experienced player.
      I just tried MTTs,SnG, and other trashes but I found that if i wanna play for thousands and thousands dolars every day,i have to play cash game.
      I just play CG once.It was 6 months ago.
      I started on NL2 and play for one week,i made from 5$----->70$ for week and after i found Heads Up.
      I was really excited about this game.
      I was grinding 15 hours a day for 9 days and i made 2 000$ on NL50 HU.
      Really fucking bad felling i had,when i lost it for one night,because i was on hard tilt. Below i show graf for info.
      I am a really young person,so i dont have enough money for big deposit :( .
      So i start on NL2 shorthanded and i will make my bankroll and i will drive with brm,25BI for next stake :) .
      When i will have 1250$ (25BI for nl50) I will play shorthanded and HU.
      My problem is simple,i think i am too good player for these micro limits,because i read that i should play simple poker,weak tight :f_confused: and dont bluff.Yes it is simple,but i am advanced player,who know terms as double,triple barreling bluffs.
      Floating,3bet light etc. and this is not applicable on this limit.
      So it will be quite to me adapting to this limit,but if i want to go on high stakes,i have to crush micro stakes :s_love:
      I start with 50$ and i hope i will make lots of money :)
      If somebody wants to cooperate with me and wants to write together about tips,strategy tips,advices etc i dont have any problem

      :spade: Targets of 2012

      :club: Move to NL50 to the end of december

      :club: Work on myself,check HH,write on forum.....

      :club: 50$ -----> 1250$ to the end of 2012

      :diamond: Long-term Targets

      :diamond: HIGH STAKES to the end of 2014

      GL everybody :) see u at the tables
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