New hand evaluation tool with Sidekick

    • Vip3rNZ
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      Ok, so I really love this new feature, have been reviewing a bunch of my own hands at lightning speed and have been gathering a list to mass post on poor veriz soon :D

      But I have a few problems/ideas that I think could improve it alot?

      Is there anyway to have it show the villains stats?

      Even if only a few basic ones? because not knowing the villains stats when I'm reviewing the hands has made some of them hard and I'd have to check my HEM 2 database for the stats and then its just back to long times on hand evaluations and then the tool really wont help as much as I thought it would.

      The idea here is to make everything faster and easier for the user right?

      Possibly a small re player, to view the hand quickly in the hand evaluation window and then type away with your comment?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      To show villain's stats, SideKick would need to be able to access your HM2/PT database. I'm not sure I'd allow that.

      What really bugs me is that exporting hands from HM2 directly doesn't include the stats.

      I like the replayer idea, though.