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    • zedkay
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      Is there any concrete advice on how to figure out an opponents range?

      I see everyone referring to their opponents range but no explanation how.

      I'm looking for specific suggestions, not things like be observant, watch what they do. I watch what they do but can't relate that to what their range might be.

      So for the newbie who has never done this, what are the first few steps to guessing an opponents range?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      First off, download the Equilab

      When you get it, you'll see a number of rows -- one for each position.
      The first button to the right of the position name is "Hand Range Selection"
      If you click that, you will open up a window wherein you can specify what cards you think your opponent has.

      To the right of the card matrix, is a list of pre-defined ranges.
      Open - No Limit
      Then open FR Open Raising Chart (Standard)
      Here you will see for each position what a sensible player would open in these position.

      In addition, in each row you can put a percentage.
      If, for example you know that villain raises 15% preflop, you can put in 15% and see what that looks like.

      Two caveats:
      1. The ranges assume that the player is sensible  I recently played a hand where villain's stats were 10/0. He raised from the SB w/ T4o
      This left me wondering what on earth he was folding.
      2. Just because the stats say something does not always mean it is true for this particular game. People change -- and you should too -- depending on the type of player they are playing against.

      here is an introductory video on equilab:
      and another video on Equilab topics:

      Another topic that relates to ranges is how tight/loose a player plays and what type of player they are.
      Check out:
      The 8 Player Types - How to Get Their Money

      That should get you started.
      Have you taken the NL Beginner's course yet?
      If not, I highly recommend it.

      Good Luck,
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      Hey zedkay,

      If you are playing and a guy raises have a think, what position is he in, take a look at his stats, how often does he raise? If you 3 bet him how does he react if he 4bets it's likely he has AA, KK, AK, QQ,

      When on the flop pay attention, and take notes to use next time to narrow down his range how does he play when he's missed the flop how does he play flush/straight draws, sets, overpairs etc make notes on how he plays in different situations and you will be able to read him alot easier the next time.

      Doing these things over and over again help you narrow down ranges pretty quickly when playing
    • RasTweet
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      Hey zedkay!

      Putting someone on a range is very hard! But it's also one of the most important things in poker. It's something you have to train though, not something you can read about and have all the knowledge.

      One tip a couple of guys gave me was: "when you're not in a hand, just watch a hand thats going on and try to put ppl on ranges"

      Also when someone is playing with similar stats as you do, you can think what kind of range you would play in that position.

      Best of luck on the tables!