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Overpair wrong played?

    • KaniSama
      Joined: 18.10.2007 Posts: 36
      I've encountered a problem that concerns me.

      I'm in late position and I've got a good pocket pair like JJ or QQ so i raise like four BB. On the flop I'm still good with an overpair so I start betting and I'm getting one caller. On the Turn the situation is the same so I bet again.
      But on the River when I bet the caller goes All-In.
      So what am I supposed to do? I still got an Overpair and the caller could have Top Pair, but most of the time I call, he shows me a set.

      Am I overplaying this hand?
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    • blue27raven
      Joined: 20.05.2008 Posts: 8
      I had the same problem, until i realized that i don't get any info from my opp. I raise pre-flop, he calls: with what?!. Ragged flop- i bet 3/4 of the pot or even the pot smtms, he calls. Does he have a set? A better pair? Needless to say that i'm check till the end, and even fold if he overbets the pot. Now i just limp with TT,JJ 90% of the time. I'll tell you how it works.

    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      Are we talking about SSS or BSS here?

      If you are shortstacked, you should go All-In directly on the Flop if not Pre-Flop in order to protect your hand for certain draws at the turn or river. That's the way I see it ;) Then you do not have any control anymore and that could be an advantage whereas new players could give players a free card for example.

      If we are talking about BSS, well you should utilitize the PokerAce hud in order to read his plays.

      I do not advice to limp with TT & JJ in late position because it will have a 5 players pot with even more possibilities to have you beat. I tried it once with Pocket Kings, didnt worked out :) as SSS'er
    • NRGBlaze
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 604
      I don't know if its right but this is the way I play it. Raise preflop, then raise flop when you have the overpair. If there are 2 cards that can possibly help him for a flush draw or a OESD and my opponent calls I check him on the river. If he continues betting most of the times I fold. if he checks he is waiting for a draw. if on the river isn't a card that completes a draw I raise. In all other cases I check, even fold if he raises just because there are to many options that can bury you
      for example if you have a flop 9(d) 10(d) 3s(s) there is a flush/oesd possibility, maybe both, 10 10, 9 9, A A, K K, A K, even sometimes 9 10(s), or I have encountered even A 10, A 9, K 10, K 9 who think this is the nuts and just stick with it to the end. In that case any A or K is dangerous to your hand
      this is my opinion of course :D
    • TribunCaesar
      Joined: 29.04.2007 Posts: 13,264
      Hi guys

      It's not that easy to answer your question, because it depends on the structure of the board and you opponent.
      In general:
      Raise preflop is standard.
      Bet/raise flop is standard.
      Betting the turn is most of the times right. If you get raised there you are very often beat.
      On the river I bet if he checks to me most of the times, and call if he bets normally. If I am OOP and bet and he pushes all-in it depends on the odds I get and the possibility that my hand is still good. If you have just and overpair on a very ugly board, fold is often right.

      I recommend to post sample hands in our hand posting forums to get a better analysis of each situation.

      Best regards,
    • Deflowerer
      Joined: 12.05.2008 Posts: 174
      It depends on the board but you've played pretty much the same as I play 90% of the time.
      I 've started to fold all in's on the river with overpair but still it's a 50-50% (my opinion) that your opponent has a top pair with a good kicker.
      Often I'm in a hands where on the flop there's 3 players (overpair,2pair and a guy with a set)
      I guess that's the main reason why I try to avoid some sites.

      Probably a bigger push on the flop would be a nice clue or you can try and limp looking for the nuts.It's really hard to decide,especially when you're on multi tables.