Table restriction?

    • crizzix
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      Heya, i thought i should generate some rake on the weekend on ladbrokes, especially since i got a free 50$ there, i am bored and havent given anything back to the affiliate for that. I opened the 0.01/0.02 tables and got the following error:

      I can only play 1 table at the time, whenever i want to open another micro table i get the restriction bullshit. If ladbrokes only lets me singletable then i dont really need the 50$, since i play on 6-8 tables minimum, 1 tabling is really something i do not wish to do.

      If you cant do anything about it, just take the free 50$ back and the extra few $ i already generated there can just disappear afaic.

      Most likely not gonna deposit on ladbrokes either because that kind of room will never be my main anyways.

      Ty in advance
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