How do poker players move to other countries?

    • xoshix33
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      Hey i was just wandering how did most poker player do it?
      like during black friday moving to canada?
      iam talking about legal considerations and how did they obtain a permament resident status?
      is there any countries that are really easy to move to for poker players?
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    • Lazza61
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      There are a few websites out there. Here is one example.
    • breena
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      Yeah I wouldnt use any website with fees but you can go anywhere you want. Obviously check the visa requirements but normally you can extend for a fee.

      If you dont mind moving around alot its even easier but Its best to talk with others on forums or find a poker house, 2+2 has a fair bit in their travel section.

      Im in Cebu atm an theres a fair few grinders here and the visa system is pretty simple you can keep extending by 2 months for up to two years before they start asking questions.
    • kalychko
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      Don't know where are you from but I think that America and Canada have an agreement like in the European Union and everyone can go to the other country without asking for permission or visa.
    • vmarqui
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      lol paying someone to relocate you is kind of lame.

      just look for a place, go there, rent an apartment.