I have been using HM2 for a while now and I am slowly getting the hang of how to set up bits a pieces that suits my play. One thing, I am not so sure about though is how to set up my HUD properly (I do not my the technical side of setting it up, more the theoretical style).

My plan is to set up my HUDs based on the kind of game I am playing. Firstly I want to set up a TURBO HUD, a REGULAR HUD, a cash game HUD. Unfortunatley I am not very sure which statistics are the best ones to use and why they are important to use. I have set up one for fun (or at least one that I thought might help me get better at my tournament game, which is not really top notch at this stage).

Here is the list of things I have in that HUD.

First Line:
-Total Hands
-Tourney Adj BB (not quite sure what that tells tbh, but from what I figure it is the amount of BB you have in relation to tournament speed and Antes, could be wrong though)
-actual BB

Second Line:
-TOT 3 Bet
-Flop C-bet

Third Line:
- TOT Limp
- Limp/Fold %
- Hands since last VPIP
- TOT Fold to Steal

I really want to find a way to create a HUD, that will be best to use for each format. This alone seems to be a mixture of all the things that are kind of relevant, but I know there is heaps missing, so any help would be appreciated.