I am having a few problems when dealing with money transfers to and from pokersites. So far I have been depositing money only via my VISA debit card.

Since all the money in my bank account is in LVL currency I have to convert it to either USDs or EURos before I am able to deposit it on a pokersite. That is what bothers me because each time I convert my money to another currency the bank is obviously taking a commission for the service. I would very much like to avoid that (Is it possible in any way?).

Of course it is not THAT big a deal since the only time when I actually have to deposit money is when I am moving to a different site. What is a problem, however, is the currency in which the money arrives in my bank account, which is in USDs instead of LVLs (the currency I need). Since I will be withdrawing money rather often in future I would very much like to know how to avoid the frequent currency conversion operations that are awaiting me. Does the solution maybe lie in the way how I choose to deposit my money? Are there perhaps better ways?