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    • doomietrue
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      I have a problem and i am not sure what is happening. Sometimes I free-lance on oDesk, so i withrawed 95 $ from there to skrill(moneybookers) so i thought that i could play some poker. Then when i wanted to deposit on PokerStars, Skrill mentioned that money cannot be transfered because they are from US and cannot be used in gambling.

      Is there a solution that I could withdraw those bucks and deposit them in PokerStars ?

      Thanks !

      P.S.: I don't live in US
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      Hi doomietrue,

      Apologies for the delayed reply here.

      Have you contacted Skrill support at all? There's a chance that your IP may be issuing an American address and therefore Skrill believe that you are a US citizen.

      You can contact them here and hopefully they can solve this issue for you :)

      Best regards,
    • 7MHjr7
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      Is er iemand die geld van mijn paypal account wil ruilen met geld op zijn neteller account of pokerstars account??

      Ik hoor graag van je.